Does My Dog Like Me?

Does my dog like me? Now this is a question that many dog owners seem to ask themselves when their dog / puppy ignores them or goes off and does whatever it wants.

If you seem to be asking yourself this question as a result of your dog's disobedience then it is time to look into the real reason why you may think that your pet does not like you.

As a matter of fact it is NOT that your dog does not like you. The truth is that your dog suffers from a behavioral problem. A behavioral problem may seem as if your dog does not like you, but it does. The only way to solve the behavioral problem is to use a method of dog training that works and that is also fun for you and your dog. When I mention dog training I do not mean shouting at your dog and forcing it to do things that it won't. I mean using tried and tested forms of obedience training that will get your dog to obey and respect you.

If you think that by leaving your dog to its own device things will get better you are certainly wrong. In your dogs, puppy's point of view as long as they get their own way they will continue to carry out that act. This could eventually lead to frustration and to be honest it does get worse if not taken care of.

Obedience training is simple and fun and can be done in your spare time. It does not have to be hours on end. The beauty of it is that it can turn a disobedient dog into a loyal and obedient dog and also get rid of all the frustration that it had been causing you.

Your dog does like you and do not give it up to shelter. You can train your dog to be the most loving pet ever.

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