Why Does My Dog Bark So Much?

If like other dog owners your dog has become a pain by barking too much and it is causing you a nightmare, don't despair as help is at hand. You are not the only dog owner to experience this kind of problem. Some have been driven to despair especially when their dog starts to bark at unreasonable times of the day.

In this article you will find out reasons why your dog may be barking and how you can deal with it.

Did you know that there is a reason why your dog is barking and it is not always necessary a bad thing for a dog to bark?

The problem is that some dog owners would only like to hear their dog bark when there is a stranger at the door or when someone is about to burgle their house. The problem is that dogs do not understand that. When a dog barks it is in fact using his / her voice. Barking is not necessary a bad thing as it is a way of them using their voice to communicate to us.

Dogs bark for many different reasons and it can also be hard to tell at times the reason why they may be barking. Dog barking also differs depending on the breed of dog.

There are some reasons why a dog may be barking which may include the following.

  • Boredom.
  • Loneliness.
  • Hunger.
  • Inviting you to play.
  • Someone is near the house.
  • They need to relieve themselves.

If it is for any of those reasons then the barking cannot be seen as unreasonable as they are dogs by nature and it is natural for them to bark.

On the other hand if your dog is using their barking as a form of manipulation for attention that this form of barking can be seen as unreasonable. If your dog barks constantly to get your attention and you expects that you have to drop whatever you are doing then this has to be addressed. I am sure that you love your pet and there are times when you have to give up what you are re doing to give them some attention, but when this becomes constant and your dog knows it works, they will continue to do it. Some dog owners do not realise that dog ownership is not about equality, it is about you being the boss and your dog being the pet.

When your dog realises that by barking when they need attention you will drop what you are doing then this will continue to occur and it will get worse until something is done about it. I am not saying that you should choose to ignore your dog when they need you, but when this is done to manipulate you that's another thing altogether.

What can be done about it I hear you ask? With the relevant humane and fun form of dog training you will be able to understand your dog and your dog will be able to understand you and realise that you will not give in to him/ bullying you unreasonably. I have provided more information which will give you free dog training tips. You can get instant access by Clicking on the link here to get More Free Dog Training Tips